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Lithuanian Sports University – LITHUANIA

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU), founded in 1934, is a public higher education institution with its unique profile in sport, leisure and health sciences. The LSU offers 20 degree study programmes in all three study cycles (9 undergraduate, 9 Master’s and 2 PhD) with the total enrollment of nearly 2000 students. Over the years the LSU has been playing a significant role in sports development and the promotion of physical activity and health gradually becoming a leading centre in sports science in the Baltic Sea region. The LSU is in close partnership with different local, national and international stakeholders: municipalities, sports federations, associations, educational institutions, sport clubs, etc., aiming to contribute with its research and academic excellence to the wellbeing and sustainable development of society at large. The LSU has over 70 international partner universities and is a member of 14 international organizations. Over the last decades the LSU has participated in a number of international projects, including Tempus, LLP (Erasmus, Leonardo, KA3), DG SANCO, Erasmus+ and Nordplus.Gdansk University. The LSU is a specialised University with a strong focus on physical education, sport, recreation and rehabilitation, training professionals in different sport-related fields. The LSU researchers are have carried out different research projects analysing different aspects of grassroots sport and its significance on health of different age groups. One of the five strategic research areas set for 2015-2017 is health enhancing physical activity and education through sport.





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